Mum's fury after son '˜attacked in class' during Barnfield College lesson

A Luton college student was taken to hospital after an unprovoked attack during a lesson, it has been revealed.

Monday, 26th November 2018, 12:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 5:04 pm
Mohammed's injury affter the attack
Mohammed's injury affter the attack

Mohammed Hamza Hussain, 16, suffered three broken teeth and bruises after he claims he was repeatedly punched by an enraged student during a lesson at Barnfield Technical College.

His mum Noreen says she was forced to contact police herself after the college failed to do so.

She said: “The college called me, saying my son had been attacked and was bleeding heavily.

“I asked them who had done this and why hadn’t they called the police. The teacher’s response was, ‘It happened so quickly.’

“Since then, I have had no response to my questions whatsoever.

“They’ve done absolutely nothing.”

The assault took place on the morning of October 31, after Mohammed stopped to ask the teacher some questions during the lesson.

Noreen said: “He was asking the teacher some questions, when another student said, ‘Are you stupid?’

“My son said, ‘I’m talking to the teacher’, then the guy kicked his chair and started throwing punches.”

On Friday, November 16, Mrs Hussain was called to a resolution meeting at the college to discuss the incident.

She said: “I went there two weeks later, only to be told, ‘Can you tell us what happened?’

“They have done nothing to satisfy me. I asked where are the staff who were present during my son’s attack?”

The Luton News understands that the boy involved in the incident will be expelled.

A Barnfield College spokesman said: “On October 31, there was an incident involving two learners. This was very quickly addressed by a teacher and a member of the student support team. The students were removed and dealt with separately by staff.

“One student was injured in the incident and was assessed by a First Aider as having non-emergency injuries. The student wanted to contact their parent and this call was made in the presence of staff.

“On arrival we advised the parent for the learner to be seen by a medical professional. This is our standard practice in non-emergency situations where a parent or guardian is available.

“The parents of the learner who instigated the matter were called and the learner was immediately suspended pending investigation. The College followed its disciplinary process and the learner has been permanently excluded.

“The College advised the injured party and their parent they may wish to log the incident with the Police, making it clear that the College will provide any information that the Police require.”

In response to Barnfield’s statement, Mrs Hussain said: “I’m shocked. There was no first aider there

“My son has three broken teeth glued in place and bruising all around his mouth. Who are they to assess my son bleeding profusely as ‘non-emergency?’

“I’m the one who had to come in and take him to hospital where he had an emergency x-ray. I’m the one who had to call the police.

“It’s ridiculous. Nothing has been put in place to assure me that my son is safe back at college.”