Music teacher's latest album to be released through Universal Music

Janine ElliotJanine Elliot
Janine Elliot
A music teacher from Luton is hoping her latest album will hit the big time with a release through Universal Music.

Janine Elliot M.Mus B.Mus, who has written 50 albums, had her latest work spotted by a PR company who helped her promote it.

The former school teacher and BBC sound engineer, who now teaches at Greenbank Music Village in Luton, wrote and plays all the instruments in ‘Boxed In’ and a single from it ‘Bright LIght’ is due to be released on June 12.

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Janine said: “Albums done before were just for fun really, initially as music I wrote for a very special friend when I was at university.” Some of her work, however, was written for films, TV and radio,and Sir Paul McCartney has a copy of number 44 ‘Transformations’.

She said: “The words are very powerful and talk about things in my life, and others, and about living in the modern world.” Serious road accidents and illness are among those, but she added: “It is not all doom and gloom, as it is a positive hold on what life is about and that only we make what we do in our lives. The track ‘Boxes’ is all about putting your worries and fears into a box and closing the lid.”

Janine plays in local bands RnR, The Journeymen and Triple Click and is inspired by the work of David Bowie.

She said: “My music album style is very varied. It mixes orchestral, electronica, pop and ambient idioms, with very emotional poetry, fusing a link between music and words.”

She will be giving a recital at St Luke’s Church, Luton on June 24, at 2pm.

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