Muslim mums give thanks to Luton firefighters

The donationThe donation
The donation
Kind Muslim mothers from Luton delivered gifts and a message of thanks to the town's firefighters yesterday (Wednesday, July 5).

The mums have been inspired by the Muslim families of West London coming together to thank the firefighters who fought the blaze and helped save many lives at Grenfell Tower, London last month. Around 80 people died. The mothers wished to do the same in Luton to praise the firefighters’ vital work and visited Studley Road fire station yesterday evening.

Mother, Husnara Khanom, said: “My faith (Islam) is important to me and it teaches me to show kindness, and thanks, and as a mother it is my duty to model that to my children.

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“My children and I have watched the unfolding tragedy at Grenfell Tower with sadness.

The food hampersThe food hampers
The food hampers

“However, we have continued to hold on to our faith in human heroes such as the fire service.

“A few of us mums came together and lovingly prepared some gifts in a hamper as a token of gratitude to Luton town’s own firefighters.

“The firefighters greatly appreciated the gesture of our gratitude and the children loved it. They had a ride in a fire truck followed by a demo on how to use the hose pipe.

“It is not rare for human beings to reach out to one another in compassion and say words of thanks, but often these stories of community and gratitude are little told.”