New Minister for Seventh-Day Adventists

Bernie and his wife, Karen
Bernie and his wife, Karen

A new pastor for Luton Central and Luton North, who admires the town’s ‘diversity’, is being welcomed by the Seventh-Day Adventist Churches.

Bernie Holford, 58, has left his post as President of the Scottish Mission, after being assigned his new position by the church’s head organisation.

He will be officially introduced to the Central Church congregation on Saturday, October 8 at a worship service between 11.15am-12.30pm, giving a talk called ‘Joining for the Journey’.

Bernie said: “I am looking forward to building positive relations with the community that I feel privileged to serve. I believe that building trust among the many different cultures is essential for our wellbeing.

“My family has a significant association with Luton - my wife’s grandfather, from Rothesay Road, helped build one of the first SDA churches in Luton. I’m hoping, in a different way, to continue his work!”

Bernie has previously had leadership roles in the South England Conference of the church, including Youth and Family Ministries Director and Children and Family Ministries Director.

He has had over 30 years experience, and covered the areas of Berkshire, Essex, Suffolk and Hampshire.

Bernie said: “In Scotland I lived in a rural location but served in Glasgow, which was very multi-cultural. Luton is also very diverse - but it has different nationalities. I am looking forward to the change.

“I think a good pastor needs to know God’s purpose for their life and to care for the members and community they are asked to serve.”

His wife, Karen, is a family therapist who started working for the SDA Northern European church headquarters in St Albans this January, as the Family Ministries director. The couple have three children and three grandchildren.

The SDA Luton North church is located at St John’s Methodist Church, Birdsfoot Lane, while Luton Central SDA Church is 1, North St, Luton.