No Popes Meadow fireworks display

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Luton residents have voiced their anger at the Popes Meadow fireworks display not going ahead this year.

Although there is a free event in Marsh Farm, many are not happy that the big display will not be on.

@LutonEye said: “I’m extremely disappointed that the Council have once again completely ignored the wishes of thousands of Lutonians by cancelling this year’s Popes Meadow fireworks display.

“Luton Borough Council are quite happy to ram ‘community cohesion’ down people’s throats when it suits them, yet happily abandon the one event that truly brings the town - all colours, creeds, religions and economic backgrounds - together.

“The councillors who approved this should take a long hard look at themselves. They have let the town down badly yet again.

“They will plead lack of money. They have found money in the past for their busway, their failed pop concert, their failed city bid, but apparently could not find a sponsor for our incredibly popular event despite over a year to do so.

“This is without doubt the most arrogant, contemptuous council I have ever seen.”

A spokesperson for the council said: “With the huge budget cuts imposed on us by Central Government, we continue to be in very difficult financial times, therefore we must make tough decisions to achieve a balanced budget and protect key services for local people. Unfortunately there is no allowance in the 2014/15 budget for a fireworks event at Popes Meadow which usually costs around £30,000 including fencing, lighting, sound, security, stewards, health and safety and we were unable to secure a sponsor this year.”

Cat Lennon said: “I think it is a real shame that the display no longer takes place, it brought the town together.

“Families miss out but also businesses lose out on trade from the event. I travel to Stevenage to see their display now, which is a shame because I would sooner see one that is just down the road.”