October 22, 1914 Luton News

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Luton Board of Governors was concerned a new national scheme to improve the diets of casual paupers would lead to more tramps turning up at Luton Union.

The families of two men in Dunstable and Luton were told their loved ones were missing after the sinking of HMS Hawke by a German submarine in the North Sea on October 15.

John Jones aged 26 was a former Dunstable Grammar School pupil, and John Silvester of St Saviour’s Crescent, Luton, a keen musician, played the organ at a church in Flamstead.

A total of 524 officers and men died in the sinking.

Alien enemies above a certain age were being rounded up with several being detained at Luton Police station.

It is understood they will later be send to concentration camps.