Circus camp in Luton gatecrashed by travellers

A caravan blocking the entrance through the broken gate
A caravan blocking the entrance through the broken gate

A circus camp setting up in Stockwood Park has allegedly been threatened by the sudden arrival of travellers’ caravans.

Circus Wonderland is back in Luton for its third year, but staff claim to have received a volley of abuse from travellers in five caravans arriving on site.

An argument arose over the travellers caravans

An argument arose over the travellers caravans

Paul Carpenter, manager of Circus Wonderland, said: “We were all set up to open and now travellers have arrived. They’ve broken one of the gates open and there’s five caravans here at the minute, but they’ve promised there’ll soon be 50.

“They’re very violent, shouting, threatening, and the police are arriving now with the bailiffs.”

While Mr Carpenter spoke to Luton News, a further caravan made its way into the park.

Beds Police arrived at around 4.15pm to help calm the disturbance. A caravan blocked the entrance through the broken gate, allegedly causing congestion to the road outside.

Mr Carpenter added: “One of them has threatened to come back and trash the circus. Police are here saying that it’s complicated and we’re waiting for the bailiffs.”

Circus Wonderland has staff family members on site as well as thousands of pounds worth of equipment.

A Beds Police spokesman said: “We were called at 3.45pm to a possible trespass incident in Stockwood Park, Luton. Officers attended to make enquiries and have now passed this matter to the council.”

A Luton Borough Council spokesman added: “We immediately started the legal process for eviction which involves informing the police and arranging for bailiffs to visit the site to serve notice. We expect the bailiffs to arrive in the morning.

O”nce a notice has been served the police will make a decision as to whether they will use their section 61 powers to move them on straight away. If the police don’t use their section 69 powers the council must follow the usual legal process and apply through the courts.”