'Photo of my dad's Y-fronts will hopefully make at least £1,000 at auction' says eccentric Luton artist

The photo of the pants
The photo of the pants

Artist Dominic Allan is happy for people to think his work is a load of pants.

The eccentric artist - who goes by the name Dominic of Luton - photographed his dad's Y-fronts drying on a radiator for a work he has titled 'My Dad's Pants'.

Dominic Allan

Dominic Allan

The bonkers art piece which is printed on a sheet of aluminium and measures 31 inches x 48 inches, has even been displayed in the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London.

And tomorrow (Friday) it goes under the hammer in an online auction with a reserve price of £1,000.

Dominic Allan, from Luton, who trained at the Chelsea College of Arts says he 'strives to find the beauty in the mundane' of his hometown.

He said: "My Dad was horrified that a photograph of his pants was blown up massively and displayed in public.

"It was met with silence! I was wondering around the house with a digital camera and I was just snapping what I was seeing.

"I was just taking photos of what was in front of me and that happened to be my home and my family."

Dominic snapped the photograph of his dad's pants in 2013 and it was soon bought by the Saatchi Gallery, who has continued to support the artist through his career.

The artist also focuses on his hometown of Luton and explores the town's "identity crisis".

The town was voted number one in a nationwide poll of the worst towns in Britain in 2016.

Dominic added: "I've named it Lutopia - it just came to me one day. Luton has an identity crisis now. It doesn't know what it is.

"Lutopia was just a tongue in cheek name for a mystical bygone era."

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