Van burst into flames in Luton captured on video as it rolls down road

A flaming van was spotted rolling down the road in Luton
A flaming van was spotted rolling down the road in Luton

Diners at the Brache pub in Luton were given a heady dose of excitement after a flaming van began rolling down the road on Monday afternoon.

For reasons which remain unclear, the vehicle caught fire on Gipsy Lane shortly after 4pm on the afternoon of Monday, February 25, and began to roll down Osborne Road while covered in flames.

An image captured by an eyewitness

An image captured by an eyewitness

Eyewitnesses said some staff from The Brache bravely attempted to put out the fire from the vehicle with three fire extinguishers, but they were unsuccessful.

Eventually, the flaming van crashed into the garden wall of a neighbouring home on Osborne Road, and firefighters sealed off the area while putting out the flames.

An eyewitness said: “The van exploded and then rolled down the road.

“It ended up in someone’s front garden.

“It careered across the road where cars were waiting to get past, you never see people reverse so quickly! It was very scary.

“I had to get out of the way, it was a rolling fireball!

“[The driver] got out, the Brache tried putting out the fire with three fire extinguishers but it was not going out.”

Emergency services have confirmed that no-one was hurt in the incident.

A Beds Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “The incident was originally called in to us as Gypsy Lane, Luton

“We understand the vehicle did end up colliding with the wall of a property in Osborne Road, Luton.

“Crews from Stopsley Community Fire Station attended and firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used hose reel to extinguish the fire and a scene safety zone was implemented.”

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman confirmed that the force had also attended the incident but no further action was taken.