Abbey times as audience get second chance show!

I LOVE having a sister. Someone to share secrets and shoes with and ask advice of in a crisis. Someone to argue against – mine constantly reminds me of the time I chucked her out of my bedroom over an ornament! – cry to and make memories with.

Everything seems just that little bit easier with a sibling on your side to hold your hand. Mine’s a gem.

But enough of my family, it is the relationship between Elinor and Marianne Dashwood that is centre stage in the grounds of Woburn Abbey on Saturday.

Here is your second chance to see Chapterhouse Theatre Company perform, as the group staged Snow White at the fancy alfresco venue in July.

This time around it is the story of Sense and Sensibility, written by Laura Turner and adapted from the novel by Jane Austen.

Follow the Dashwood sisters as they make their first forays into the excitingly decadent world of eighteenth-century high society. Watch them fall in love, make mistakes and experience heartbreak for the first time in their quest to find a balance between sense and sensibility.

Woburn Abbey is a spectacular sight and a lovely spot for an outdoor show.

For tickets and information call Woburn Abbey on 01525 290333 or See Tickets on 0871 2200260. Adults cost £12.95 and students and children are £8.50. A family ticket (for two adults and two children) is £39.

Grounds are open for picnics from 6pm. Take rugs or low-backed seating but leave dogs at home.