Get into golf with Luton Hoo’s Craig Ferris

Craig Ferris, Luton Hoo Hotel’s resident Golf Pro, gives his expert advice for improving your golf swing

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 30th November 2013, 4:16 pm

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is ‘how can I improve my drive’?

Although of course technique plays a major part, many golfers don’t realise the importance of their own fitness. Some exercises can actually increase the length of the drive, so let’s look at this first of all.

Your body needs to rotate to allow the correct curve of the club, especially on the back and down swings. If your midriff isn’t well toned, your body rotation is reduced and exercises to improve your abdominal muscles will really make a difference.

One simple exercise which helps to improve drive is to use a weighted golf club (or two clubs). By practicing the swing with this extra resistance, power will increase, which in turn will improve the drive from the tee.

Another point to consider is your posture. Poor posture will lessen your drive, reduce your distance and ultimately lead to back problems. Ask your golf instructor to check your posture is in the correct position.

Many golfers have flaws in the actual mechanics of their swing. Once these have been corrected, drive is significantly improved.

Common errors include:

• A poor backswing: Once this is corrected the shot will improve. One fundamental mistake is to keep the head still as this can make the golfer tilt their torso or midriff incorrectly.

• Poor downswing: Many golfers don’t realise that the movement from backswing to downswing should be fluid. Understanding the sequence and weight transfer is essential.

• Power: Many golfers think that the longer the swing, the greater the control. In fact the opposite is true and a short swing will give more control (and power) as the power is released on impact with the ball.

• Following through. Completing the swing effectively often gets ignored, yet it’s so important. Club head speed is lost if you fail to follow through properly.

Staying calm is also a factor in perfecting your swing. When we’re under pressure and nerves take over, we lose focus and don’t produce our best shots. Practice deep breathing to regain control.

Good swing skills are crucial when learning how to play golf and it takes a great deal of practice.

It really is the foundation of good golf and it’s worth persevering to get it right. Without a good, powerful swing, success at golf will be elusive – and the game will be much less fun!

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