Mum nets winner with Lily blog

At the age of 46, Josanne Kane thought her family was complete.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 20th June 2013, 11:02 am

With two children now in their twenties, grandchildren, and her husband’s two children in their teens, the couple were happily settled.

But then she found she was pregnant and two years later the exploits of toddler Lily are gaining a fan base on the internet.

“It came as a huge surprise,” said Josanne, of Chalton, near Luton. “My mum had just passed away and six weeks later I found out I was pregnant.

“But I’ve found it better this time round, I was 19 when I had my first child. I find that I cope better now.”

Josanne, who worked in mental health services helping brain injured young adults, has started a blog to record the tot’s sayings.

“I just wanted her to have something to look back on,” she said. “I thought what can I do to document what Lily does.

“People started reading them and everyone’s been really good and think they are funny.

“When she says or does something I write it down and then around every 10 days I write the blog.”

Josanne has found a huge change in bringing up children since her first experience.

“There’s lots of conflicting views from the medical profession,” she said, talking about becoming a mum again. “‘Geriatric mother’ was on my notes. But most people were fine. Childrearing views have changed. For my first it was just get on with it, but now there’s more online help and I think there’s more help for you in that respect.”

The blog, My Toddler Rules, captures the amusing sayings from the two-year-old, who is now at the stage when children’s language and development really start to blossom. And there are also useful tips for first time mums, coping with the trials and tantrums of the terrible twos.

How to deal with the naughty step, an inability to sleep through the night, or how to get your child to eat properly, are all there from an experienced mum learning to do it all again.

You can catch up with Josanne’s blog at

But let’s let Lily have the final word: “I’m not kicking you daddy, I’m stroking you with my feet”!