Photos unearthed during spring cleaning bring back memories

FOR some reason or another I decided to check exactly what I have in my loft. Don’t ask me why because I haven’t lived in my present house for that long, but clamber up a ladder I did.

Among the videos I can’t use because I no longer have a player, I found a copy of a TV Trailer I did for my Three Counties Radio show. I am going to keep it in the hope that one day the grandchildren might be interested in such a family heirloom.

I also found a photograph of my first two daughters Sarah and Emma that appeared on the front page of the (now defunct) Halesworth Times. The kids are seen cuddling some first born spring lambs whilst shivering in the snow when they were three and five years old respectively.

Among the other pics found in the loft is one of yours truly taken during the Queens Coronation celebrations, which shows that I was not always a somewhat reactionary old geezer. The camera caught me posing in a neighbour’s front garden dressed as a Scotsman!

Don’t ask me why but I would guess that my mum ran out of ideas for the fancy dress contest held at our street party on the great day.

Mum always came up with something and it usually had something to do with the fact those times were hard and she had two daughters to dress up as well. I obviously got the short straw because my outfit consisted of a check shirt worn with a tartan skirt owned (I assume) by my older sister June, a Tam o’ Shanter, which was my mum’s hand-knitted bonnet and a pair of white socks and baseball boots!

I won’t go into details of some other photographs of my early years because they consist of things like my appearance at Watford Town Hall when I played the bells in the school band and the boys wore red and white satin type shirts with black satin shorts.

My only excuse is that I was only about seven years old and subject to my school teachers influences!

Have a good week – I’m off to censor a few other bits of my youth.

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