Lighting up for an eight day Jewish festival

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Amidst blistery winter winds in Luton’s St George’s Square Chanukah Menorah was lit by Luton’s Jewish community on December 18 to mark the 8 day festival of light, which celebrates the triumph of light over darkness.

More than 21 centuries ago, it is said that a small band of Jewish faithful believers had managed to defeat Syrian-Greek army who was forcefully Helenizing the people of Israel. After their victory, they reclaimed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

As they were trying to light the Temple’s Menorah, they found olive oil supply only for a day. However, it miraculously burnt for 8 days. It is to commemorate this miracle, festival of Chanukah has been instituted within the Jewish faith. Many people from Luton’s different faiths and also Luton’s Mayor and both MPs joined in with Luton’s Jewish friends to share their joy, their singing and dancing and also not to be missed the sweet doughnuts.