Luton certainly has some crazy paving

We're always told councils have no money to spend.

Tuesday, 9th August 2016, 2:43 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:25 pm
Paving outside the town hall in Luton

Despite the fact that they bump up the council tax every year without fail we still see services being cut to make ends meet. This is the government’s fault, funding has been slashed – so say the Labour Party who are in the majority at Luton Borough Hall.

But despite all the financial pressures you’ll see the council always find a way to spend money on daft little projects.

If I was short on cash would I buy a new car if the old one which runs perfectly well would do for a little while longer? So why bother with another paving project by the steps to the Town Hall?

Paving outside the town hall in Luton

Maybe they were upgrading it to match up with the relatively new pedestrianised block paving in the vicinity?

Nope. Large slabs have been dug up to be replaced with large slabs. Well, in the main.

What on earth has happened to the layout of these slabs? Did someone cut up the concrete into random triangles in error – or is it supposed to be designed like this.

One photo shows the work under way.

Paving outside the town hall in Luton

Another photo shows the completed work as you stand by the Town Hall steps facing Ladbrokes – with just the odd slab cut in half.

But the other photo taken as you face Five Guys, well I’ve no idea what’s happened.

Do you agree it’s an utter mess and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘crazy paving’, on not? Email [email protected]

The bridge that used to conveniently connect the Galaxy Centre to the Library Car Park is pretty much useless these days and it stands blocked off following the demolition of the car park in 2012.

Galaxy Centre bridge

I guess Bridge Street without a bridge wouldn’t seem quite right, so there it stands glistening in the summer sun.

It seemed a bridge too far to imagine that it’d ever be useful again – that was until the other Saturday.

A family fun day took place to celebrate the recent changes at The Galaxy, including the arrival of Jump Arena and Kidd N Play.

Q Pootle 5 from his CBeebies show met little ones, while The Galaxy Girls handed out promo leaflets.

Paving outside the town hall in Luton

There was also a Space Hopper race using the centre’s iconic bridge, with the challenge being to see how quickly you could bounce to the outer edge of the Galaxy and back.

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Paving outside the town hall in Luton
Galaxy Centre bridge