‘Outstanding’ students set new GCSE record for Harlington Upper School

It was an exciting morning for the Harlington students.
It was an exciting morning for the Harlington students.

The headteacher of Harlington Upper School has praised students for an “excellent” set of GCSE results, with “outstanding performance at the highest levels”.

This morning, students, parents and teachers arrived in school to collect results for the new, tougher GCSE exams.

Proud students.

Proud students.

A Harlington Upper School spokesman, said: “GCSE results at Harlington were again superb and represent the ‘best ever’ performance for the second year running.

“This year almost all GCSEs use the new 9 to 1 scale, with grade 9 being the highest. Then department for Education (DfE) has said a 4 on the new scale will equate to a C underthe old A* - G grade system.It was fantastic to see so many high grades.

“By any measure the results are impressive: overall, a superb 84 per cent of Harlington students achieved the benchmark 9-4 grades in both English and Maths; English and Maths results individually were particularly strong with pass rates of 88 per cent and 89 per cent respectively; the majority of students achieved at the higher levels with 62 per cent gaining a strong pass (levels 9- 5) in both English and Maths.”

A total of 26 students gained an impressive eight or more top grades (grades 9-7 or A*/A).

A day to remember.

A day to remember.

These high achieving students are: Emily Binns; James Brandham; Lucy Chapple; Emily Cullen; Adam Evans; AlexFowler; Ciara Hodgkinson; Rebecca Holmes; Harry Jaggers; Finley Jones; Daniel Kenny; Aiden Killeen; Maisy Lay-Flurrie; Alex Leather; Fionn Mackie; Benjamin Morley; James Morley; Katie Murray; Asher Omar; Sandra Owczarska; Annabel Phillips; Alisa Rumley; Joe Randall; Isobel Saunders; Nathaniel Spedding; Brooke Young.

There were also 52 students with at least five top grades (grades 9-7 or A*/A) and more than one in every two students at Harlington achieved at least one grades 9-7 or A* / A grade.

The school also noted that a special mention should be made about student, James Morley, who achieved a “wonderful” 9 GCSEs at grade 9.

Headteacher, Shawn Fell, said: “We are delighted by the 2018 GCSE results at Harlington Upper School.

“They are excellent again this year and reflect the commitment of our hardworking students and the support of dedicated teachers and parents.

“The results today represent ‘best ever’ performance for the second year running. It has been a privilege to witness so many delighted students and parents collecting results at theschool this morning.

“Congratulations to everyone receiving GCSE results today – they are very well deserved. The introduction of the new top grade of 9, above an old A* grade, has made the highest grade even more challenging to reach. It is pleasing that so many Harlington students reached this pinnacle of achievement.

“It is also pleasing that the overall passrate is over 99 per cent which means that all students are well-equipped for their next stage of education.”