Overheating phone sparks Luton house fire

Station commander Lorraine Moore holds the remains of the phone
Station commander Lorraine Moore holds the remains of the phone

A Luton family came close to disaster after a mobile phone heated up and set fire to a bed duvet.

Beds Fire and Rescue were called to Hartley Road at 10:10am yesterday morning, as a blaze raged in a bedroom of a two storey terraced home.

The charred remains of the phone

The charred remains of the phone

A mother and her three teenage children fled the property after being alerted by the property’s fire alarm.

Four firefighters, wearing breathing apparatus, entered the house and used two hoses, together with a covering jet, to quickly extinguish the fire.

Smoke was then cleared from the bedroom using positive pressure ventilation.

Station Commander Lorraine Moore said: “When the fire started the woman’s three teenage sons were in their upstairs rooms so would not have been alerted without the smoke alarm going off.

“When the crews turned up there was smoke issuing from the bedroom window and the bed was well alight.

“The fire had already consumed a quarter of the bed and was made worse because the bedroom window was open, feeding the fire, which took the plaster off the ceiling, in the process.

“We were on the scene quickly and were able to contain and extinguish the fire without too much damage to the property.

“The room was smoke logged and the ceiling extensively damaged.”

A warning against the dangers of overheating mobile phones has been issued following the incident.

Lorraine added: “Following an initial fire investigation it looks likely that the fire may have beencaused by a mobile phone left covered with a duvet on the bed.

“These can overheat if not ventilated and we would urge people not to cover up any electrical device as these can cause fires to start.”