Parking problem linked to Luton Airport travellers prompts '˜ridiculous' warning letter to bed-bound 98-year-old

The family of a 98-year-old woman has called for Luton Council to enforce parking restrictions in Eaton Green Road after her carers struggled to access the road.

Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 6:16 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 6:18 pm
Cars parked in Eaton Green Road

Constance West lives in sheltered housing in the close, her carers who regularly visit have been struggling to access her home because of other vehicles blocking the properties in the road. Eaton Green Road is a 1.3-mile walk to London Luton Airport.

Her son, Chris, is calling for the council to take action and enforce residents only parking in the road.

He said: “This is a sheltered house estate for approximately 12 houses which are all occupied by old age pensioners who are all mostly disabled or bed bound and rely on carers and support staff including ambulances to attend throughout the day.

Cars parked in Eaton Green Road

“Unfortunately it’s walking distance from the passenger terminal at Luton Airport, so people who do not want to pay the parking charges park here, blocking the houses and then return a week or so later.

“The council should put an official sign at the entrance to the estate to the effect that it is parking only for the residents who are old or disabled and need the access kept clear at all times.”

On Tuesday, July 3, Constance received a letter from Luton Council headlined ‘nuisance/harassment - unauthorised no parking signs’.

Chris told the Herald & Post: “Someone has decided to stick notices on the cars asking them not to park in the road as it not only stops the support staff having access, but even the paramedics and ambulances are being stopped from having easy access to the houses.

“My mother has received a letter from the council about someone sticking no parking notices on cars and if they do not stop sticking signs further action will be taken.

“My mum is bed bound and can clearly not get out of bed to stick notices on cars, for her to get this letter is ridiculous.”

A spokesman for Luton Council said: “Eaton Green Road now has ‘no waiting at any time’ restrictions present for its full length and we believe this has been largely successful in removing the parking problem from that road.

“We are sorry, however, to hear of this resident’s concerns and are currently drawing up plans based on a consultation last year to implement further restrictions in the Vauxhall Park estate area.”