Hundreds turned out for the car meet. PICS: Tony Margiocchi.

17 pictures from Beds-modified's car meet at Dunstable's White Lion retail park

Petrolheads gathered in Dunstable on Sunday for a car meet.

By Lynn Hughes
Tuesday, 3rd May 2022, 12:27 pm

More than 400 people joined in the event at the White Lion retail park in Dunstable on Sunday evening.

The event was organised on social media by Beds-modified who describe themselves as appreciating “anything stanced, modified, performance, Drift or track, not just based in Bedfordshire but across the whole scene.

“We attend most show's and events, from UK to Euro Shows, as well as holding our own meets and events, throughout the scene months”.

This is the fifth car meet of the season and people gathered to admire cars, share their love of vehicles and discuss car builds and stories of their cars as well as listening to music.

Most car meets are static with participants not being encouraged to drive around the site.

The location of the meet is often kept under wraps until close to the day itself.

Photographer Tony Margiocchi captured the event in pictures.

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