A 24-hour Musicathon in Luton to celebrate five years of Music24

Music24 is celebrating five years of bringing people together through music with a 24-hour Musicathon in Luton on Wednesday, September 25.

Monday, 23rd September 2019, 11:47 am
Music24's music therapy group in Luton, Minds in Motion, for people diagnosed with dementia and their carers

The 24-hour music making marathon will be held in Mind BLMK's building in Dumfries Street, Luton, and everyone is invited to attend and help raise money for the charity.

Music24 is a small charity, operating across Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, it uses music therapy and music making to support people with dementia, learning disabilities, brain injury and mental health illnesses.

Over the past 5 years, Music24 have provided sessions to over 1400 people, and regularly support 300 people every week in 12 groups across 7 locations.

Music24's music therapy group in Luton, Minds in Motion, for people diagnosed with dementia and their carers

The 24-hour Musicathon will be a celebration of Music24 achievements over the last 5 years, and its ability to bring people together.

Sessions include music making sessions that the audience can get involved in, there will also be performances by some local talent.

Later in the night, supporters can continue following the Musicathon on Music24’s Facebook page as co-founders Graeme and Teela Hughes and guests play through the night.

Music24 support Luton resident, Jeremy, he said: “Music24 has given something to look forward to again and helped me beat the Stroke.

"I look forward to every session and the team are fantastic. I can’t put into words what this has done for me, thank you.”

CEO, Teela Hughes, said: "We are so proud of what we do at Music24, and this event is a brilliant way of showing local Luton residents what we’re about.

"Our approach uses music to genuinely change lives – some of our service users have changed before our eyes within a single session, becoming happier, more engaged and relaxed.

"Most importantly, it’s fun. Music24 has big plans over the next year, including expanding across the counties.

"We’d love to see people on the day, to meet potential new members of our groups and, hopefully, raise lots of money for our charitable activities over the next year."

The event will be held as part of BBC Music Day, a nationwide event shining a spotlight on the power of music to change lives.

For more information, please visit: www.music24.org.uk.