Baby joy after birth hell for Hatters star and wife

Scott and Rhiannon with newborn baby Jesse
Scott and Rhiannon with newborn baby Jesse

Luton Town FC star Scott Griffiths has issued his heartfelt thanks to staff at Luton & Dunstable Hospital, after almost losing his wife during the birth of their first child.

During a routine midwife appointment at the Parkside Community Centre, Houghton Regis, on September 21, Scott’s wife Rhiannon was found to have exceptionally high blood pressure and the couple were told to go to hospital immediately.

Doctors quickly found that Rhiannon had developed pre-eclampsia, a condition that can cause serious complications for both mother and baby.

Despite a due date of October 18, it was decided that it would be safest to bring on the birth three-and-a-half weeks early and Rhiannon was admitted.

On September 24 her waters broke but high blood pressure once again posed a serious problem, as it shot up to an incredibly high 220/180.

Following the birth of the couple’s son Jesse, Rhiannon lost 1.7 litres of blood as she suffered severe blood clots.

Scott told the Luton News/Dunstable Gazette: “If the surgeon had not removed the clots straight after birth Rhiannon would have bled out.

“What he did was amazing, he saved her life.

“The midwife was also incredible as she took care of Rhiannon and made sure that she was calm and everything went was well as it could have in strenuous circumstances.”

Rhiannon added: “It was terrifying but they were so amazing.”

Once the bleeding was stemmed Scott and Rhiannon were forced to endure another complication as Jesse failed to keep his food down.

The newborn, who weighed six pounds, was taken to the special care baby unit and fed through a tube.

After regaining strength Jesse surprised nurses by pulling the tube out himself, and was taken home for the first time on September 27.

Scott said: “Since being at home he is sleeping through the day and not much during the night!

“Everyone in the maternity ward, delivery suite and special care baby unit were fantastic, we can’t thank them all enough.”

Rhiannon added: “The maternity care for mothers and babies at the hospital was amazing, I’m still here because of it.”

On hearing news of Jesse and Rhiannon’s condition, Trish Ryan, the L&D’s head of midwifery, said: “We are absolutely delighted that the family are well– all our staff go above and beyond to ensure that they deliver safe and excellent care to every patient, and it is always encouraging to hear how much this is appreciated.

“We wish the family all the best for the future.”