Crisis Aid’s appeal for warm clothing

Qadeer Baksh chairman of Crisis Aid in Luton
Qadeer Baksh chairman of Crisis Aid in Luton

A tiny charity – which operated out of a garage in Luton’s Bury Park and has now grown beyond recognition – is appealing for warm clothing and blankets to be sent to Syrian refugees.

Crisis Aid started in September last year when a group from Luton Islamic Centre got together to send aid to the thousands of people fleeing their homes.

Chairman Qadeer Baksh said: “We set it up after seeing the pictures on TV and hearing about the awful atrocities. We wanted to do something to fulfil our religious obligations and decided to embark on an aid programme.

“We have now sent more than 100 40ft containers of clothes, food, medical supplies and blankets.”

The father-of-six has seen the suffering for himself.

He said: “There are 35,000 people at Atma camp on the Turkish border. They have one dentist and two doctors. The children have no shoes and threadbare clothes. There is no plumbing, no sewage. It is very, very sad.”

Crisis Aid is now appealing for new blankets and warm clothes to be dropped at Luton Islamic Centre before December 26. Or call 01582 724647.