Cub Scouts celebrate at Whipsnade Zoo

Luton scouts at Whipsnade Zoo
Luton scouts at Whipsnade Zoo

Thousands of young people took part in a Cubs100 Takeover Day on Saturday to celebrate the centenary of Cub Scouts.

Luton Cub Scouts headed to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo to take part in activities to help celebrate The Wildest Birthday Ever.

Luton scouts at Whipsnade Zoo

Luton scouts at Whipsnade Zoo

They embarked on the Cubs Activity Trail, getting up close to the big cats and watching the sea lions race under water.

Nine-year-old Greg Grineviciute, of Luton, said: “Cubs100 is brilliant; I’ve made great friends and had so much fun. My favourite thing is spending time outside and having adventures.”

The young explorers also spotted Asian elephants in their paddocks.

Adult volunteer Andrew Thorp said: “Cubs is all about having adventures and helping other people. This year we have been camping and learning lots of new skills.

“Cubs have also been working on A Million Hands, an exciting project to help out in our local community.

“It’s amazing to celebrate Cubs100. I’m super proud of being a Cub Volunteer.

“I’ve learnt lots of skills being a leader and it’s great to pass them on to young people.

“If young people join Cubs they can expect to have fun, challenge themselves and make new friends.”

Chief Scout Bear Grylls said: “I’m so proud to show so many people that Scouting is all about fun, friendship and young people having an adventurous time supported by caring proactive leaders.

“This is also a fantastic way to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Cub Scouts in style!

“I really want to thank all the inspiring volunteers and people involved in making Cubs100 happen.

“Let’s make the next 100 years even more life-enhancing for many millions of young people.”