Diamond Anniversary

Peter and Brenda Gilbert on their wedding day in 1958
Peter and Brenda Gilbert on their wedding day in 1958

A couple from Luton who are celebrating their Diamond Wedding anniversary have revealed their secret behind 60 years of marriage - they like spending time together.

Peter Gilbert, 82, and his wife Brenda, 79, will be celebrating with a weekend away next week, and a meal with their family when they get back.

The couple got married at St Thomas’s church in Stopsley on February 22, 1958, and went on to have two children together.

Brenda says the success of their marriage is down to doing things together and liking each other.

She said: “My husband is lovely and we don’t argue, we do bicker but not often. I think we have been married for so long because we like each other, that is the basis of it.

“We do lots of things together, we go shopping and visit garden centres and go out for lunch, we like spending time together.

Brenda made her own wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses and the page boy outfit.

She added: “I was 19 when we got married, I remember it being in the paper I can’t remember why it was in there, but I do remember making all the outfits.

“We honeymooned in Butlins and lived in a caravan on my father-in-law’s garden after we got married, we saved our money and he helped us to buy our own home in Wigmore.” Brenda and Peter love spending time with their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and are very involved in their lives, Brenda sometimes takes her great grandson to school.

Kim, their daughter, said: “We want to celebrate it with them, a lot of people don’t get to celebrate 60 years of marriage so it’s nice when you get to.

“We are going out for a meal, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will also be joining us.”