Disgust as walkers find 'dog poo tree' in Dunstable

“Pick it up in a plastic bag then lob it on the tree, why?”
The so-called 'dog poo tree'. Picture: Jacqui ClarkeThe so-called 'dog poo tree'. Picture: Jacqui Clarke
The so-called 'dog poo tree'. Picture: Jacqui Clarke

People in Dunstable have shared their disgust after a ‘dog poo tree’ was found in the town.

Jacqui Clarke posted images on the Facebook page Spotted: Dunstable of trees and bushes covered in bags of dog waste near the Peter Newton Pavillion.

She said: “The dog poo tree at the entrance to Peter Newton Pavillion. Pick it up in a plastic bag then lob it on the tree, why?”

Other residents shared similar feelings about the discovery. Louise Wright said: “Absolutely revolting. Those dog owners are irresponsible and selfish.” Karen Kingston added: “That is disgusting, how lazy and self entitled can you get?”

Paul Hodson, town clerk and Chief Executive from Dunstable Town Council, said: “It is really disappointing that anyone would behave in this way. We are really proud of Dunstable’s parks and green spaces; a team of volunteers work hard through Dunstable in Bloom to enhance the town each year. Town Council staff regularly cut and maintain our green spaces.

“While the trees and bushes near the entrance of Peter Newton Pavilion are not on town council land, our Town Ranger Service will be addressing the issue, and we will report it to the CBC dog warden for additional support in the long term. We encourage residents to use the nearby bins in the play area and by the Tesco car park entrance.

"We are grateful to the large majority of dog walkers who dispose of their waste responsibly, and we hope that whoever has created this unnecessary and unsightly mess starts to use the bins provided.”

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