Driving instructor slams ‘ridiculous’ parking fine

Parking warden issuing the ticket
Parking warden issuing the ticket

A driving instructor claims he was given a parking ticket while waiting at a road junction.

Tony Curran, owner of TC Instructor Training, was role playing as a pupil for a trainee driving instructor when he was given a parking ticket by a traffic warden.

He was at the junction in Stuart Place, Luton, turning left into Adelaide Street, in the driving seat and the trainee was in the passenger seat instructing him how to approach and exit left at a junction.

Mr Curran said: “It is ridiculous what has happened. I do not understand how she can issue me with a parking ticket when I was not even parked.

“Providing there are no vehicles behind us, it is common practice for the trainee to hold me at the junction to explain what I need to look for, how I judge where the give way line is, and how I judge a safe gap and when to emerge.

“The traffic warden approached the car, I opened the passenger window and she told me to move, I tried to explain to her that we are not parked but are training.

“She told me to move or I will get a ticket.

“It is unbelievable, the engine was running, the left signal was on, the car was in first gear and we were in a perfect position to complete the left turn.

“This junction is one of the first ones you come to when you leave the test centre, so I did not want something like this to happen to my trainee on the day of her test. But the warden would not listen and issued me with a ticket.”

A spokesperson for Luton Borough Council said: “We are unable to discuss individual cases that are currently under review, however when a penalty charge notice is issued we are obliged to follow the national process and procedures.

“If an individual disputes the notice they have the right in the first instance to make an informal appeal.

“If this is rejected by the council they will receive a ‘Notice to Owner’ where they can make a formal challenge and a more detailed investigation will be conducted.”