Fire in Dunstable blamed on children setting fire to schoolbooks

The fire service issued a stern warning
Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service.Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service.
Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service.

The fire service was called to a blaze in Green Lane, Dunstable, yesterday (July 21) in which some books were set alight in the undergrowth.

It is thought to have been set by children who were not on the scene when the fire service arrived at around 4.30pm.

Afterwards, the Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service issued a stern warning: “Our message to anyone thinking about setting light to anything outdoors is that it is extremely dangerous, especially in the current weather conditions where the ground is very dry.

"They can quickly get out of control and cause significant damage to the surrounding areas. We have all seen the serious impact fire has had on some communities over the past few days.

"It also takes our resources away from where they are really needed within the community.

“If schools would like the fire service to speak to children about the dangers of fire then they can contact us via our website or our social channels @bedsfire.”