Former Luton schoolboy features in new film

Seb Hendrix
Seb Hendrix

The son of a Luton Herald & Post columnist has appeared on the big screen in his film debut in The Kid Would Be King.

Seb Hendrix, son of nightlife columnist Tony Hendrix, was a featured extra in the film about a group of kids who embark on a quest to defeat a medieval menace.

Seb Hendrix watched the film with his friends at Bedford's Vue cinema

Seb Hendrix watched the film with his friends at Bedford's Vue cinema

On Monday, 12-year-old Seb and his friends and family went to Beford’s Vue cinema to watch the film before it is released on Friday, February 15.

Before moving to Bedford, Seb and his family lived in Luton where he attended Moorlands School (now known as King’s House School).

He started acting and was signed to a Bedford agent in 2016, and his first job was the Summer Asda 2017 advert. He is now signed to Bonnie and Betty, a London agent.

Emma Firman, Seb’s mum, said: “He was really excited to see how the film cam together because it wasn’t shot in sequence.

“We were invited to the cast and crew premiere but we were away so we decided to take his friends with us to see it, there was about 28 of us that went.

“It is his first film and he really enjoyed it, it was a really good experience.

“He doesn’t have any lines but he is in the classroom with a group of children and the main character.

Seb, who attends Rushmere School, continued his studies while filming, while he was doing the longer days in Leavesden Studios in Watford, they were tutored for at least five hours of the day,

His mum added: “On the days where filming was a bit longer and it was term time, they would do work that the school had given him or the tutors would give them work.

“It was good that they helped them keep up with their studies, but it meant it would be quite long days sometimes, it would often be 8am till 8pm or 10am till 10pm. The school were really supportive and encouraged Seb.

“He is not sure what he wants to do next but he really enjoyed this experience and he liked seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

“This was one of the best experiences he has had the pleasure to be part of, and made a great group of acting friends along the way!”