Free umbrellas from Luton church ahead of St Swithin’s Day

St Mary’s Church in Luton will be giving away hundreds of handbag umbrellas on Sunday, July 14.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 9:52 am

The church, which gave away hundreds of travel mugs at their Father’s Day service last month, is continuing to give back to the community this weekend.

Anyone who attends their 10.30am service the day before St Swithin’s Day on Monday, July 15, will receive a free umbrella.

Vicar Mike Jones explained the reason behind the gesture, he said: “Traditionally whatever the weather on St Swithin’s Day the same weather will continue for the next 40 days.

St Mary's Church will be giving out hundreds of umbrellas at Sunday's service

“Whilst we hope it is sunny – in case it rains as it says on the umbrella – ‘God has you covered’, which we hope people will ponder on that message.”