Furious Luton man demands action after pet kitten was killed in dog attack

The pet owner says his kitten was ‘ripped apart by two dogs running loose’
Milo was killed by two dogsMilo was killed by two dogs
Milo was killed by two dogs

A furious Luton man has demanded action after his pet kitten was killed in a dog attack.

Kaamar Khalil had reported the dogs responsible for the attack to police two weeks earlier after they chased his sister.

But despite being given a crime number by police he says he was told no further action could be taken.

Police say they have now issued a community protection notice to put restrictions on the dogs’ owner and will take action if the conditions are breached.

On Friday, after his four-month old kitten Milo – who he had hand reared - was killed, Kaamar says he again called police, Luton Council’s dog warden and the RSPCA.

He says the incident unfolded on Beverley Road as his partner was taking their 12 year old son to school. He received a call saying they had had to take refuge in a nearby newsagents after being chased by the dogs.

He says he went to the home of the owners to complain but as he got there noticed the dogs heading towards a woman with a pram. They then spotted his kitten which had escaped, and killed it before he could get help. The distressing incident was caught on Kaamar’s home security system, footage which has been seen by Luton Today.

“It has left us devastated,” he said.

“The police came out and said it wasn’t a criminal offence. But we have had ongoing issues with these dogs. The only reason the police came out was because they received several calls from people and there were quite a few people in the street. There were a lot of witnesses.

"It’s disgusting that not one person in authority can do anything. The dogs should be taken away.”

It is against the law for dog owners to let a dog be dangerously out of control in both public and private places.

A court would have to decide if the dogs were dangerously out of control if they attacked someone’s animal.

A spokesman for Luton Council said: “We have an agreed protocol with Beds Police whereby such matters would be referred to them.”

The council’s policy on dangerous dogs can be found online here. Further information is available on the Government website.

Inspector Mo Nasar from the Luton community policing team said: “We have received two reports this month in connection to dangerous dogs in Beverley Road, Luton. In the second incident on Thursday (24 November) a cat was sadly killed.

“We know how emotive crimes involving pets are. While we cannot investigate animal on animal attacks, we always encourage people to pursue civil action if they wish to.

“Following this incident specialist officers also issued a community protection notice to put restrictions on the owner of the dogs in this case and we will take action if these conditions are not adhered to.”

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “We send our heartfelt condolences to the owner of this kitten following this really upsetting incident.

“Dog owners have a legal responsibility under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 to keep their dog under control in a public place. This legislation is enforced by the police and our officer has reported this sad matter to them.”