Get fit and help make a difference in Luton with GoodGym

David at the City Farm
David at the City Farm

A man from Luton is looking for people to sign up for a community fitness group with a difference.

David Mansfield is a member of GoodGym, a community running club, and is hoping to set one up in Luton.

GoodGym runners

GoodGym runners

GoodGym is a group of runners that combines regular exercise with helping their communities, they meet once a week to run and help with community projects.

David said: "I'm currently at a group in London but I'm hoping to set one up in Luton, we just need people to sign up.

"GoodGym is a running club with a difference, we get together and run somewhere to help with community projects and help organisations with physical tasks, like gardening and decorating.

"We also do mission runs which support older people, helping them to live safely by doing small tasks in their house or garden they cannot manage, while giving them some valued social contact as well.

David at the adventure playground

David at the adventure playground

"It is great to see the things we help with transform into something for the community, and the people we help are always really grateful.

"As well as going out for a run and meeting people they also get to know that they are helping people."

David is discussing the possibility of setting a GoodGym up in Luton with the council, he said: "We are working with the volunteers department at the moment, we need to raise £35,000 over the first three years and then the project will be sustainable.

"We are looking to raise the money ourselves and apply for funding from different departments at the council, Active Luton and other local businesses.

"The runners voluntarily pay £10 a month but they do not have to pay that much, anyone is welcome to join."

To help raise a portion of the money needed to set up GoodGym Luton visit:

If anyone is interested in running with the GoodGym Luton, sign up and add your name to the list at: