Grade II-listed Wardown Park Museum vandalised with graffiti

There has been anger after Luton's most treasured museum was vandalised with painted slogans.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 10:37 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 6:04 pm
The south facade of Wardown Park Museum has been vandalised with graffiti

The southern facade of Grade-II listed Wardown Park Museum has been painted over with several political messages.

The Victorian country house dates to the 1870s and has been a listed building since 2000.

It holds some of Bedfordshire's most precious artifacts, including over 700 historical hats, the Shillington Roman coin hoard, an Iron Age mirror and the famed 15th-century Wenlock jug.

Slogans have been painted over the brick walls and pavement

News of the graffiti has prompted anger after images were shared online.

Campaign group Save Our Town blasted it as an act of "mindless vandalism".

They added: "It achieves nothing other than annoying the people of Luton.

"Promoting your thoughts or ideas on a public building, or any building, is not clever and this will cost the tax payer to clean it up!

The former country house dates back to the 1870s and holds some of Bedfordshire's finest artifacts

"The museum is a beautiful building and part of Luton's history."

Paul Hammond, chairman of Luton Heritage Forum, said: "The vandalism of any building by graffiti is to be regretted - especially one of such significance to Luton as the heritage buildings in Wardown Park, which are enjoyed by the whole community.”

“Only this week I was in a meeting of the Council of Faiths giving a talk on townwide heritage. The commitment of all groups to work together for the common good was very evident.

“I’m sure that the daubings will soon be cleared off and the buildings restored to their usual splendour. A single person in ten minutes with a spray can is able to cause a stir, but it takes more than that to disrupt the museum’s good work or our steadfast community relations.”

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