Hatters unite to raise awareness of dementia

Dionne Manning and Johnny Mullins unite against dementia at Luton Town FC
Dionne Manning and Johnny Mullins unite against dementia at Luton Town FC

Hatters players are backing the Alzheimer’s Society’s new campaign to raise awareness of dementia.

Defender Johnny Mullins from the men’s team and striker Dionne Manning, from the ladies team, are encouraging their fans and the community to support the cause.

Johnny said: “It is really important that we are all aware of dementia and the affects it can have on people living with it.

“It is not a visible condition but it is important that the club show they understand the needs of their supporters, staff and wider community.”

The Alzheimer’s Society is running a Dementia Friends information session at the club on Wednesday, May 17, from 6pm to 7pm in the Eric Morecambe Suite, which will be open to everyone.

Dionne added: “Together with Johnny we have shown solidarity at Luton Town FC to make dementia centre of attention.

“We hope others stand up and try to find out about how they too can make a difference.”

A Dementia Friends information session is a fun and interactive way to learn a little about dementia and how it can affect people’s lives.

It covers key messages that people should know about dementia through activities and discussions.

At the end of the session participants have the opportunity to turn their understanding into action by committing to a dementia-friendly action.

People will need to register as a Dementia Friend before booking a session, register at www.dementiafriends.org.uk.

Sian Gilleard, Luton DEmentia Action Alliance Coordinator at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “It’s fantastic that local organisations like Luton Town Football Club are so willing to get involved and learn more about dementia.

“Dementia doesn’t care who you are, it could affect us all. There are 1,800 people living with dementia in Luton, we need people to unite with us now as every action brings us closer to finding a cure and giving everyone the support they need.”

The Alzheimer’s Society is urging everyone to come together and unite against dementia to improve care, offer help and understanding to those affected and find a cure.