'He made me think my family hated me': Luton woman speaks out after abusive ex-boyfriend jailed 3 years

A Luton woman who was brutally beaten by her thug boyfriend has spoken out after her attacker was jailed for three years.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 1:33 pm

Aaron Anyia, 39, of Pitfield Way, London, was found guilty by a jury of attempting to strangle the woman and injuring her by stamping on the victim and kicking her head.

The incident happened on April 4 last year, when Anyia was at the victim’s flat in Luton and started to argue with her.

He verbally abused her before launching a vicious assault. The victim only sought police help after her abuser left the location.

He was sentenced last Thursday, October 3, at Luton Crown Court and was also issued with a lifetime restraining order.

In her victim impact statement, the woman said: “When I first got with Aaron I truly believed he loved me.

"He made me think that I didn't need friends, that I only needed him and gradually due to his jealousy I would stop speaking to them.

“When I went home to my family I felt so scared to see them all as I thought they hated me. He made me believe that they would, that they did.

"Until now Aaron had never showed any remorse for what he has done and I now realise he never did on any occasion, he never cared.

“I am finally moving on. I know now that I wasn't to blame for what happened to me as I was a victim of domestic abuse and it took a long time to realise it.”

Detective Constable Gary Hatton, who investigated this assault, said: “First of all I want to commend the incredible bravery and resilience of the victim. She attended the court and faced her abuser when giving evidence.

“Anyia is a violent and unpredictable man who deserves to be locked up. Following the report made by the victim he began spreading a web of lies, claiming that he is innocent and the victim’s injuries were self-inflicted.

“We are glad that the court saw through his conceited lies and sent him to prison where he belongs. Additionally, he is banned from ever contacting the victim."Hopefully this will bring her some sense of justice and let her start her new life free from abuse.”

If you or someone you know suffers from domestic abuse or coercive control please get in touch with the police. Bedfordshire Police treats reports of domestic abuse as a priority and treats reports seriously.

You can report it by calling 101 or visiting the force’s online reporting centre. In case of emergency or if the crime is still in progress always call 999.