Housing performance report available online

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Luton Borough Council’s annual report is now available for tenants to view online.

The publication tells council housing tenants how the authority has performed over a 12 month period leading up to April 2014.

It shows how the council is doing on a range of key areas including repairs, tenant involvement, allocating homes, dealing with antisocial behaviour, filling empty properties and looking after vulnerable tenants.

The report was developed in consultation with tenant representatives and includes surveys and performance information across a range of housing services.

There has been an increase in the number of renewable energy systems installed, a reduction in the number of days taken to rent an empty council property and an increase in the number of repairs completed on time, since the last report.

Some areas where performance was not as good as the previous year includes the number of annual gas services being completed within 12 months of the last service being less than required and a reduction inn the number of repairs completed right the first time.

Councillor Tom Shaw said: “The annual report helps us understand where we are doing well and identifies areas for improvement. We are committed to improving services to tenants each year and the annual report ensures we are being transparent and accountable to them and all Luton taxpayers.”

To view the report, visit: www.luton.gov.uk/housing