Huge response to Are You Charlie? lecture

Uni of Beds lecture on journalism and ethics
Uni of Beds lecture on journalism and ethics

The recent terror attacks in France have generated such enormous interest that a bigger room had to be found for a Luton lecture on journalism and ethics entitled Are You Charlie?
It was hosted by the University of Bedfordshire’s journalism team and fronted by former national newspaper and BBC correspondent Kate Ironside, now senior lecturer in journalism.
More than 200 students and staff listened intently as Ms Ironside outlined the challenges to the freedom of the press and the difficulties in striking a balance between maintaining it and not offending devout colleagues, neighbours and friends.

She posed the question: Was Charlie Hebdo right to publish a cartoon of the prohet? and said: “It’s an issue of fundamental importance to which there are no easy answers. We wanted to encourage discussion and get people thinking and joining in the debate.”