Hundreds raised for Macmillan at The Mall Luton

The store manager of The Mall's Holland & Barrett 'Braved the Shave' in front of shoppers at the Luton shopping centre on Monday, September 30.

Nickie Perrin decided to Brave the Shave and raise money for Macmillan after losing loved ones to the disease and to support a fellow Holland & Barrett team member, who is currently undergoing radiotherapy.

Nicki before and after she Braved the Shave

Nicki before and after she Braved the Shave

She said: "“I lost my beloved nan to throat cancer in 2001, my uncle to lung cancer in 2006, my father in law to prostate cancer in 2010, my uncle in law to blood cancer in July 2017, my mum to lung cancer on 12th Oct 2017 and my husband to throat cancer on 13th Oct 2017.

"As you can see the family have been hit pretty hard by cancer and when a colleague underwent radiotherapy treatment this year, I pledged that if she lost her hair, I’d shave mine in support.”

She has already raised £580 for Macmillan Cancer Support, who provide specialist health care, information and financial support to people affected by cancer.

Lavinia Douglass, Marketing Manager at The Mall Luton, said: “We take our hats off to Nickie who braved the shave on Monday, and we’d like to thank customers and shoppers for their support.”

Nickie added: “I was truly overwhelmed with the support from shoppers and would like to thank everyone who has donated.

"The Macmillan nurses are truly fantastic, however there are not enough to give support to the many people who rely on their services.”

To make a donation, visit Nickie's page: