Inspire Village ‘a shambles’ according to irate customers

Stopsley senior citizen Margaret Holyland who is complaining about Inspire management
Stopsley senior citizen Margaret Holyland who is complaining about Inspire management

Angry customers of Luton Sport Village Inspire are up in arms about what they describe as a ‘management shambles’ at the state-of-the-art Stopsley facility.

They claim classes are cancelled with little or no notice, staff members are economical with the truth about why they’re withdrawn, complaints go unanswered and there is no financial or practical compensation for those who have taken out subscriptions.

Senior citizen Margaret Holyland (pictured right) of Ketton Close who pays a £250.80 annual fee said she’d completely lost patience with Inspire’s attiutude to members.

She explained: “There’s always been a problem covering classes when anyone is away but it’s got to such a pitch now it’s ridiculous. I was told recently an instructor was off sick when I knew for a fact she was in New York on honeymoon.

“We are lied to, to cover up the fact that management do not cover staff holidays. And members are not given credit for missed classes, only people who pay as they go.”

When she complained, detailing missed classes, she was told her email had been passed to ‘management’ but to date she has not received a reply.

A self-employed Stopsley businesswoman who didn’t want to be named is also fed up with the continued cancellations. She said: “I fit my work around my classes and about a dozen have been cancelled recently, which means I’m actually losing money because of Inspire’s incompetence and indifference.”

Inspire’s Facebook page contains a number of criticisms, including one from Emma Chandler who said she waited three months for someone to ring her back about a complaint.

Tracey James said customer service was “non existent” while Jamie Alec McColm commented: “Great place, appalling organisation.”

A spokesperson fro Active luton, which runs Inspire, said: “We apologise to anyone who was inconvenienced. “Unfortunately, we’ve had a few staffing issues over the past few weeks, but we now have measures in place and will be doing our very best to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

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