Jumping the back fence to get into pub

Broken fence at The Brewery Tap. Photo by Martin Wright
Broken fence at The Brewery Tap. Photo by Martin Wright

What do you do when you have just climbed over someone’s fence and flattened it in the process?

You share your story with the world on Twitter. Sounds silly, but that is exactly what one man did after being refused entry at The Brewery Tap pub in Luton’s town centre.

Determined to get inside, he found his way to the rear of the premises and attempted to climb the fence. The fence broke. But that still did not stop him entering the pub – where he was ejected by staff.

Subsequently, he shared his thoughts on Twitter: “When you go to jump the fence at Brewery Tap and the whole fence collapses…’shh u didn’t see nothinnnn’.”

On seeing this post, The Brewery Tap Landlady, shared it on Facebook. She said: “The lad crawled through mud, climbed over a bamboo fence, breaking it, just to get in the pub. I mean my pub must be so good that people have to do all that just to get in here when they’ve been refused entry.”

After much activity on Facebook, he contacted the pub to say that he would come in to sort out the damaged fence.