Khloé Kardashian retweets Luton writer’s poem

A Luton writer was proud to have one of her poems retweeted by celebrity socialite and entrepreneur Khloé Kardashian.

Friday, 7th June 2019, 6:30 pm

Tene Edwards, 26, couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw that her work entitled ‘Partnership’ had been shared with Khloe’s 93 million followers.

What’s more, the Kardashian sister wasn’t the only celebrity to share Tene’s work, as American singer-songwriter Kandi Burruss gushed that ‘Partnership’ reflects her relationship with husband Todd Tucker, while Orange Is The New Black actor Dascha Polanco shared a piece named ‘I Deserve’ and captioned it in her mother tongue.

Tene said: “It was such an incredible feeling - unbelievable! My sister loves Khloé .

Tene holds her book which has been republished by The Good Quote.

“Writing became my healing tool when I hit rock bottom. I was dumped by a guy I wasn’t even in a relationship with - but had strong feelings for - and my degree in Law no longer excited me. My career was in shambles. In fact, my whole life was in shambles.

“But life completely changed when I began to journal my thoughts and feelings.”

Tene began writing a blog and penned her first book - and Amazon bestseller - Walk With Wings after a request from a fan.

The book is split into five chapters: Monsoon Love, Winter Sorrow, Autumn Grace, Spring Resilient and Summer Freedom, with the work being a mix of Tene’s own personal story, thoughts, feelings poetry and prose.

Tene said: “I don’t regret completing my law degree - it’s helped to shape my writing and make it short and concise.

“It’s one of my biggest achievements but it doesn’t come close to the comments I have received about the book.

“It has helped people to love themselves again.”

Tene recently had a stall at The Black Bookcase, an African books, arts and craft festival, while she also gives talks and holds self-care writing workshops.