Klaudia's wants her lockdown beauty business success in Luton to inspire other entrepreneurs

Student is made up by her growing reputation

Friday, 22nd October 2021, 10:19 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd October 2021, 10:22 pm

A Luton student whose lockdown beauty business has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams wants to inspire everyone with her story.

Polish-born Klaudia Pronobis, 20, who's studying illustration and visual media at London's University of Arts, has always loved anything to do with make-up.

Feeling bored and lonely during the pandemic, she says: "That's when the idea of starting a business came to life. And there was never a question that it would be anything but beauty related.

Luton student Klaudia Pronobis who started a cosmetics business during lockdown

"I wanted to create something that would suit everyone, no matter their race, skin tone or size.

"My products include false lashes, brow products and lip gloss. Most are bubble gum scented, cruelty free and vegan where possible."

The former Houghton Regis Academy pupil believes make-up should be fun. "I love going all out with bright eye shadow, big false eyelashes and glittery lip gloss," she confesses. "But I don't mind leaving the house with nothing - make-up should not be about camouflage."

Her skill has been in buying pre-made products from manufacturers and re-packaging them under her own Cloudy Cosmetics label which has more than 3,000 followers on TikTok and a growing band on Instagram. She also suggests innovations to the manufacturers based on what is selling well.

She says: "For example our quick brow soap in a twistable tube sold out twice on its launch day."

Klaudia's website is all her own design, as is her packaging. She explains: "I really enjoyed creating the website and always look for new ways to improve the user experience.

"I wanted the packaging to be subtle but fun and really hope I've achieved that."

She admits she's a dominant personality :"I love being in control of things and having my own business is part of that. I'm lucky that I enjoy what I do and that the 'job' has turned into fun.

"My plans are to become a freelance artist when I graduate, but I'd love the business to grow so much that I could focus on it 100 percent."

She also credits her partner Christian - a crew trainer at McDonalds - with her success so far: "He's been a big supporter and without him I would have given up so many times, even though I'm not a quitter.

"I'm learning as I go and this month my business celebrates its six month anniversary - we can only go up from here."

But the message Klaudia wants to get across to all those potential entrepreneurs out there is: "No matter where you are in life, how busy you are or how hard things get, there's always a way out.

"Nothing ever comes easy - you have to work hard. But you only live once, No-one else will live your life for you so you should always do what makes you happy."

> More information at http://www.cloudycosmetics.co.uk/