Lord of the Rings style journey for group of Luton men who set off on a five day quest to find Tolkien’s grave

Sanctuary Global take on outdoor adventures to celebrate the beauty of nature and a simple life
On a quest Mac Pajka, Jasbir Nangla and Jaspal Nangla.On a quest Mac Pajka, Jasbir Nangla and Jaspal Nangla.
On a quest Mac Pajka, Jasbir Nangla and Jaspal Nangla.

A group of Tolkien fans have set off on their own journey from Luton – inspired by the antics of the hobbits of Lord of the Rings.

And the group – Mac Pajka and twins Jasbir and Jaspal Nangla, who call themselves Sanctuary Global – have filmed their five-day trek from Luton to Oxford as part of a series of adventures they have carried out over the years. The trio were joined by guest Johnny Colins.

Mac said: “The Tolkien walk is an adventure that celebrates the life and work of JRR Tolkien and the anniversary of Fellowship of the Ring.

“For years Lord of the Rings was something that bonded us three together and gave us inspiration for our journeys. The adventure to Tolkien’s grave video was inevitable but we were not sure how to approach it until one night last year we were planning our walk to Wales and by accident stumbled onto the resting place of our hero. We instantly knew that adventure is ahead.

"Just like the hobbits, many days were spent walking from our home in Luton, through beautiful lands and rivers to arrive at Oxford, all to celebrate our hero and the tales he has created that inspired us all.”

You can watch the video of the trek above [NB strong language]

The group, Sanctuary Global, focuses on outdoor adventuring and exploring natural beauty while celebrating a simple life.

The five day quest is finally over - at Tolkein's grave.The five day quest is finally over - at Tolkein's grave.
The five day quest is finally over - at Tolkein's grave.

Mac said: “By doing what we are doing we want to continue growing and discovering places we never knew about but at the same time encourage people to go out there and find the beauty that is right on their doorstep. Alone we can only see what is around us, together we can see and understand our world.”

All the adventures start in Luton, from the group’s small Sanctuary studio where they work on creative projects and edit the material from the walks.

So far they have completed 30 adventures, visiting places like the house of Stanley Kubrick in St. Albans, the Peace Pagoda in Milton Keynes, and the Buddhist temple in Houghton Regis but decided to go further and have now walked to London, Southend-on-Sea and Oxford.

Mac added: “There are many plans for the future. With the Tolkien walk video we have found a workflow that we will apply to upcoming adventures, the first one being a journey to the caves of Cheddar Gorge and then in the summer of next year our great walk to the mountains of Wales.

"All three of us are also involved in other creative and at times community projects. We have been part of the Save our Town initiative by painting a mural for Luton and we have also organised workshops in LittleRed Arts studio before it closed.”

Find out more on their facebook page.