Luton actor shares his favourite moments - from being covered in cake to appearing in Marvel's Loki and TV's Ted Lasso

Harry WhittakerHarry Whittaker
Harry Whittaker
Harry also has some advice for up and coming stars

An actor from Luton has shared some of his career highlights – from appearing in a music video to working with screen legend Robert De Niro – and has some advice for fellow actors.

Harry Whittaker has taken part in around 350 shoots – but his original career plan was to become a primary school teacher.

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Harry explained: “As a child, some of my earliest memories are going to the cinema with my family which gave me the desire to one day see myself on the big screen. I will never forget the rush of adrenaline I felt from performing in front of an audience, the laughter when a joke or improvisation landed, and the pride I got from a round of applause.

“My original career plan was to become a primary school teacher but I felt out of my depth as an 18-year-old dressed in a suit, fresh out of Luton Sixth Form College, so I left three months into my Primary Education Degree at the University of Bedfordshire.”

After returning to the University for a degree in theatre, Harry said he ‘had the best three years’ on the course and took every opportunity that came his way.

He said: “If I had studied at a drama school, I wouldn’t have had the range of opportunities offered to me at the University of Bedfordshire or the time to develop my craft as an actor and theatre-maker. I wouldn’t have been able to make mistakes under the guidance of supportive and honest tutors who were preparing you for a career in the industry.”

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A stand-out moment for Harry was his role in The Boys in the Boat – directed by George Clooney. Harry said: “I was selected to be a rower and follow the main cast, even though I have never rowed in my life!

"Over the five years I’ve been acting and doing extras work, the projects I’ve done seem to blur into one and I can barely remember what I did last week!”

Alongside working with Robert De Niro as a body double for Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield, and popping up in projects like Silo, Ted Lasso, and Marvel’s Loki, Harry also took part in a wedding-themed music video shoot.

He said: “The most fun I’ve had on a shoot was for ‘Dumb Love’, a music video for TikTok sensation Mimi Webb where I got married, covered in cake, and showed off my dance moves. I am still extremely proud when I watch the finished video and it reminds me of how a day in the life of an actor is never the same and never feels like work.”

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Harry’s advice for fellow actors is to ‘take every opportunity that comes your way’. He said: “Who knows what doors will open because of it, what new skills you will learn and challenges you will face which will better prepare you for a career in an industry that is extremely competitive. Build good relationships with your teachers and fellow creatives because you never know when you’re going to need some advice, a friendly face in the audience, to borrow props and costumes, or most importantly a reference for a job.”