Luton Borough Council celebrates Black History Month

Luton Borough Council celebrated Black History Month with a special afternoon tea in the town hall.

Friday, 18th October 2019, 4:50 pm
Luton Borough Council celebrates Black History Month

Many guests wore vivid African costumes as they enjoyed home-made food from Africa and the Caribbean.

Black History Month is an occasion for people of all backgrounds to learn more about the contribution of made by Black Britons to the country.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Maria Lovell said: “Black History Month is a great opportunity to share cultures and communities. The tea is a chance to appreciate and learn about Black History – both here in Luton and nationally.”

The wide range of elaborate garments acquired by council officer Eunice Lewis were a major talking point and gave mingling guests a chance to learn more about how they are made and understand their use.

Those present learnt that items such as beads and necklaces indicated wealth and status when the colourful flowing robes were worn at special occasions.

Savouries from Nigeria, Ghana and the Caribbean combined well with cakes and more traditional British tea!

The event gave those present a chance to acknowledge the vital contribution of many council workers from the African Caribbean community.

Until December 1, there will be the chance to vote in 100 Great Black Britons.

When this campaign was run in 2004, Mary Seacole was named as the greatest Black Briton of all time and this year participants will once again be able to put forward the name of the person they think deserves that important accolade.

To make your nomination go to