Luton boy with heart condition gets an out of this world treat thanks to Creating Memories

A young Luton boy has been treated to an expert tour of the night sky, thanks to Creating Memories and experts from the Luton Astronomical Society.

Abdur Rahman, aged three, battles Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a heart condition that limits how much physical activity he can do. However, despite this, Abdur has harnessed his natural curiosity and managed to extend his reach to the planets, space and beyond!

Abdur's wish came true thanks to Creating Memories, Luton  Astronomical Society and Keech

Abdur's wish came true thanks to Creating Memories, Luton Astronomical Society and Keech

It all started back in September 2018, when Abdur, from the Hart Hill area, asked his mother why the sun and moon don’t appear at the same time. Abdur’s mum played him a video on YouTube about the solar system and from that moment on the sky has been the limit.

Abdur has spent the last four months learning all about the solar system and the planets within - and has even being teaching his older siblings.

In fact, space and the night sky have become so important to the whole family that it became a wish to bring them closer to Abdur.

Step forward Creating Memories, who were contacted by Keech Hospice Care and in turn contacted the Luton Astronomical Society – and arranged for Philip and Geoff, two members of the society, to visit Abdur’s house complete with telescopes, binoculars and an abundance of knowledge to pass on!

Pritti Saggi, Founder and Director of Creating Memories said; “It was joy to put this wish together for such a smart and knowledgeable young man.

“Abdur was in his element, absorbing all the information he was given like a sponge. He asked so many questions, and the joy was so apparent on his smiling face.

“It was an evening that everyone involved will always remember.”

Abdur’s mum Sara said “Thank you to Creating Memories and to Philip and Geoff for making this happen and bringing joy to my little boy. It was so beautiful to see his little face light up and for him to learn even more about his favourite subject.” 

Following the visit, Abdur has been invited to view the LAS Observatory, alongside experts from Luton Astronomical Society, in the summer.

If you would like to help Creating Memories to deliver future wishes, or know of someone that they could assist, contact Pritti at