Luton building demolished on council orders three years after being built without permission

Three years after a large garage was constructed in Luton without planning permission, it has finally been demolished on council orders.

By Bev Creagh
Friday, 10th June 2022, 12:03 pm

The outbuilding, at 28 South Drift Way, was taken down by the owner who had initially failed to comply with an enforcement order.

It was only after they were informed of the prospect of prosecution that they agreed to demolish it.

In 2019, the planning enforcement team received reports of a large building which had no planning permission. It was also suspected of being used for unauthorised car repairs.

After a three year battle by planning control officials, the building comes down

The owner submitted a retrospective application which was refused.

They ignored the council’s requests to remove it and stop carrying out vehicle repairs. The council then served an enforcement notice which required the building to be demolished by January this year.

In spite of continued visits and attempts by the council to make the owner comply, nothing was done.

But the threat of prosecution had the desired effect and it was demolished last month.

Council spokesperson Rob Roche said: “The council will pursue breaches of planning and unauthorised building control works and this case represents a perfect example of the diligent pursuit of unauthorised development by enforcement officers.

"It also shows that where the council considers the development is inappropriate and causing unacceptable harm that enforcement will continue to pursue the offenders until a satisfactory resolution is reached.”

The council places great importance on protecting and enhancing the quality of the environment and the enforcement of planning control is a key activity in ensuring this strategic vision is not undermined.

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