Luton businesses team up to support victims of domestic abuse

John Duncan and Sahiel Shoeb
John Duncan and Sahiel Shoeb

Two businesses in Luton are joining forces to provide support for victims of domestic abuse.

Legal aficionados from the Domestic Abuse Alliance (DA Alliance) at Morgan Wiseman Solicitors, of Alma Street, and Café Zandra’s are giving victims the chance to go in to the coffee shop on Upper George Street for a free walk-in consultation over a complimentary cup of coffee, in order to identify their best course of action.

Sahiel Shoeb and John Duncan

Sahiel Shoeb and John Duncan

Launching the scheme, Sahiel Shoeb, Head of Operations at MWS, said: “Domestic abuse is an unacceptable fact. Beyond providing legal services we are always looking for new ways to encourage victims to come forward and talk.

“Zandra’s is our local coffee shop and the idea of a free consultation and a cup of coffee in relaxed surroundings, we hope will reassure victims.”

This partnership follows on from an article published by Bedfordshire Police highlighting the links between summer holidays and an increase in domestic abuse incidents.

As a member of the Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership (BDAP), the DA Alliance is committed to supporting the dialogue and raising awareness to fight domestic abuse.

John Duncan, owner of Café Zandra’s, said: “The idea of using coffee to bring people together is a great way for victims to come forward without fear in a safe, welcoming place to talk freely.

"I really hope that together we can change people’s lives by helping them to get out of a bad situation.”

BDAP is a partnership that brings together key agencies in Bedfordshire and works closely with local authorities to help provide services to improve local response to domestic abuse.