Luton child actor lands 'main character' role in season two of Paramount's Halo show

His mum said he’s “already living his dream”
Tylan Bailey. Picture: Louise HoweTylan Bailey. Picture: Louise Howe
Tylan Bailey. Picture: Louise Howe

An 11-year-old boy from Luton has landed a major role in the second season of a sci-fi show, despite never having taken an acting class before.

In 2022, Tylan Bailey appeared in Halo, a Paramount Plus show inspired by the video game series, and was invited back for a “main character” role, his mum has said.

Proud mum, Louise Howe, explained: “His first actual acting audition was for Halo. He's actually never done an acting class, even to this day. He's a natural actor.”

He began filming the first season when he was seven, portraying Kessler, the son of Soren. After filming in Budapest over the past two years, Tylan is returning to screens tomorrow (February 8) as the new season begins.

Tylan followed in the footsteps of his sister, Shaylah-Louise, and also signed to a child modelling and acting agency. The youngster does a self-taught American accent and while he cannot attend the Los Angeles premiere himself, his family and friends will join him on their very own red carpet at home.

His mum said: “His dad and I are really proud of him. He said he wants to be an actor when he grows up. So he's already living his dream. And he's only 11.”

Aside from Halo, Tylan has starred in a Puffin Podcast Mission Imagination alongside Babatunde Aleshe, who has turned into a mentor. Louise added: “It's nice that Tylan has the support of older Black men to give him the confidence to carry on doing what he loves to do.”

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