Luton families wanted to foster children as number in care increases

#WithYou campaign highlights how a stable and caring role model can ensure a brighter future

By Lynn Hughes
Monday, 27th September 2021, 11:32 pm
Updated Monday, 27th September 2021, 11:34 pm

A fostering agency has launched a campaign in Luton calling for more individuals to consider a career in fostering, as the number of children coming into care increases.

FCA, who provide fostering services, has launched the #WithYou campaign to highlight how a stable and caring role model can ensure a brighter future for children in foster care, as it is estimated that 35,000+ children will come into care over the next year in need of a foster family.

Official figures from the Department of Education have shown that the number of children in care had already reached 80,080 at the end of March 2020, a rise of 2% from the previous year, and it is expected to rise further due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Could you be a foster carer?

The figures also show that the rate of looked-after children has risen to 67 per 10,000 children, which is up from 64 in 2018 and 60 in 2015. To support the growing number of young people entering care, it’s currently estimated that over 8,000 families are required to become foster parents.

John Platt, Managing Director for FCA, said: “At FCA we offer all the tools young people need to equip them for a successful future, from CV workshops and interview training, to career events that help young people secure apprenticeships, part-time jobs, and future college courses. This is only possible with the support and dedication of our foster parents. Together we are all building stronger futures for children and young people in care.

“There is no predetermined path set for those that come into care, but with the right support, guidance and dedication from our parents, young people can go on to achieve their full potential.”

Foster Care Associates, one of the largest fostering groups in the UK, provides foster homes and support for over 1,900 children and young people throughout the UK.

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