Luton family appeal for donor to give new hope

Gulfraz Ahmed and Aisha Noor (his lawyer last year)
Gulfraz Ahmed and Aisha Noor (his lawyer last year)

The family of a Luton man who needs a life-saving kidney transplant are renewing their appeal for a donor.

Gulfraz Ahmed, 34, of Kent Road, was born with kidney failure and spent much of his childhood at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

When he was 12 his mother gave him a kidney but he needs another transplant. Last year, a family member in Pakistan was a good match but was initially denied a visa. It was eventually granted but she was then deemed medically unfit for the transplant.

His condition has deteriorated rapidly and his parents and sister Sofia are appealing for a donor to save his life.

Sofia said: “We had hope when the donor offered, it was a long wait to see if she was a match. Finally we had the good news that she was a match and then the next hurdle was for the visa which was denied and then later approved.

“The process had taken a long time but we were hopeful that soon things would change and the transplant procedure could start, unfortunately she failed the health checks which was really disappointing for us, it was quite a way into the donor process as well which was really hard for all of us.

“All our hopes were tied for this transplant for Gulfraz to lead a close to normal life.

“For Gulfraz, that was mentally very difficult and since then his health has got worse. He was admitted into Lister Hospital last week, he had pneumonia and he is still in hospital. He is still having dialysis which is really draining him. The hope he had of leading a normal life had vanished and now he has lost hope, he is trying his best to manage his health with what he has available.

“Both physically and mentally his health is getting worse, it was heartbreaking last time when the process fell through, we were so close and I think he did lose hope after that.”

Before the failure of the kidney Gulfraz was running a successful business and thriving at creating and designing alloys. These days he is mainly bed bound and unable to move due to the pain in his body and other side affects.

Sofia added: “We want to make people aware that he still needs a kidney and as a family we are appealing for anyone that can help, we need someone that is in good health and B positive blood group. If anyone thinks they might be able to help, please get in touch with the Luton News and then we can go from there.”

> If you think you might be able to help, email